I forgot to tell you guys that a few weeks back one of my breakers blew because I had too many appliances on the same circuit. 

It was pretty late at night. I went to go try to fix it but the switches were 50 years old and wouldn't flip anymore. I removed a metal covering to see if maybe any wires were loose behind the panel. It looked fine. At least when they renovated the house before I bought it they put in new wires.  

So here we go. I put back on the cover (Borfo style) and I try to shove it up the into the box at an angle to fit in... It gets stuck. I guess I have it upside down and I make contact with both of lugs that come directly from the Main service line and splits directly to the box.  Sparks fly like mad.  Smoke is pouring from inside the box. It sounds and looks like a Dr. Megavolt show. My heart is racing. I hear the neighbor scream. Street Lights are pulsating. I think, I don't want the house to burn down.  So I quickly grab an old 2x4 behind the fence and whack at the cover violently.  Apparently The cover had welded itself to the lugs and it took A LOT of brute force to knock it free. 

 The next morning my friend Juvi comes over to look at it, shakes his head, and tells me I could have , died.  He takes me to a obscure pro electronics store where I could replace the old breakers with sort of new ones. And now, 300 bucks later, everything works just fine.

Thee Ennd

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Just Smile and Wave.

LACM worked out well. I think all my participation in it was not really significant as things would have worked out the same anyhow. The ride was enjoyable and it got a lot of  positive attention.

Recap Articles:



I don't know if it really changes things at all...  At least people are happy about it for now.



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Lets Not Get Crazy

Here's another fine mass I'm getting myself into...

"The LAPD will be riding with Critical Mass on the 25th of June. 


Please see this flyer for more info -  


At the ride start of the Critical Mass on June 25th, there will be a faction of people, including myself, who will be encouraging something we are currently calling, "Project Civil Obedience", in which all cyclists will demonstrate what it means for 1000+ riders to obey all road rules. That includes stopping at every red light. We will also be encouraging mass riders to cooperate in choosing a destination to ride to so that they can reunite if they get separated by red lights from the main group. The plan will be to get to the destination within 45 minutes (a reasonable riding time frame). 


If everyone participates in this idea by consensus, the result will be that all participants will be free to travel in any direction they need to reach the destination. Some groups may get broken up by red lights. However, we will all be demonstrating that WE ARE TRAFFIC by following all road rules to the LAPD and the rest of the public. 


There may be some old school traditionalist Critical Mass veterans that may be opposed to this idea. However, CM was designed to be improved cooperatively. There are no leaders here, just a mass of riders who are working together to improve the image and effect that CM can have in our city. 


Please pass this cooperative idea along, join in encouraging others at the ride, or contribute to the discussion here and on other forums. 


See you at Los Angeles Critical Mass!"



I'm hoping once I'm a dad I'll finally come to my senses.



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Tuvan Throat Noises

So I've been working on ideas for the band.  Got a new outfit and noise makers. I scribble words here and there and use them in some of the songs. It's hard to remember anything you did unless you play it back in a recording or do it over and over. It's also hard to repeat moments that you felt good about doing more than once. 

Ten days ago, I was walking out of the restaurant and I felt like the sunlight was going to make me sneeze.  Like an idiot I decided to try to suppress the sneeze. Some of you know that my sneezing can be very loud and violent. I think I get that from my dad.  So, anyway, It was like I had a mini explosion in my throat.  I didn't tell maria right away, but the sensation was not pleasant, and it felt like i broke something inside my neck.  After a while the pain subsided, so I let it go.  The pain in my throat and neck persisted for the last week, and I noticed it particularly when I sneezed, snorted, or shouted in band rehearsal.

Yesterday I had lunch with my dad and the bosses daughter, Amy.  We were eating pizza at this great place in Arcadia and were in the middle of a discussion about large group bike rides and Critical Mass.  I was sort of talking while eating and swallowed kind of a big bite.  I literally felt and heard a loud "SNAP!" coming from my throat.  I managed to swallow, but the pain was so intense that I grimaced and grabbed my neck.  I was trying to explain to my dad and Amy that I felt I hurt my neck and felt a snap.  Thinking about what might of happened made me feel kind of woozy. Next thing I knew I blacked out. 

I only blacked out for about 15 seconds according to dad. But, It was like I was on drugs, because I realized Amy had been talking to me and I had no idea what she had been saying but I was feeling kind of a good rush from passing out. So I recognize that I had been sitting in the same place and wasn't responding back to whatever they were talking about like a dork. I suddenly felt embarrassed, so I pretended that I was following along and nothing was wrong. However, I wasn't pulling it off well because Amy was saying, "..uh do you realize you just passed out?" This kind of freaked my dad out, so we paid and left the restaurant quickly and then he drove me to an urgent care place. 

It wasn't a big deal after all. But It really was painful. Doctor said it was sore inside but to go see a specialist. Fortunately, there was one down the street and he was pretty cool doctor.  My dad wanted to come in the room with me. While we waited for the doctor my dad kept walking around the room playing with equiptment and saying, "woah what it this". So I told him, "Dad will you just sit doen and leave things alone!"

So to wrap up, after sticking a camera through my nose and down my throat the doc says I probably just hurt some muscle tissue in my neck when I sneezed, but he was conserned more about these tons of growths in my sinuses he calls Polyps.  He suggests that I have surgery to remove them and to open up my sinuses. Persistent allergies and a deviated septum helped to cause this. This explains why I sound like I talk out of my nose, why I snore so loudly, why I have headaches, and why I can never really breathe through my nose. This has been my experience most of my life. 

I'm going to get this surgery done. I'm hoping it helps me breathe better and sound better.  Problem is I don't know if I'll be able to make the same noises I like to make in the band at the time we will perform coming up if i am to have this surgery done at this time.

I'll probably just dance, ring bells, honk horns, and play the tambourine until I am ready to make sounds from my repaired internal megaphone.  We will see... 

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