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Lets Not Get Crazy - What I know.
June 18th, 2010
10:21 am


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Lets Not Get Crazy

Here's another fine mass I'm getting myself into...

"The LAPD will be riding with Critical Mass on the 25th of June. 


Please see this flyer for more info -  


At the ride start of the Critical Mass on June 25th, there will be a faction of people, including myself, who will be encouraging something we are currently calling, "Project Civil Obedience", in which all cyclists will demonstrate what it means for 1000+ riders to obey all road rules. That includes stopping at every red light. We will also be encouraging mass riders to cooperate in choosing a destination to ride to so that they can reunite if they get separated by red lights from the main group. The plan will be to get to the destination within 45 minutes (a reasonable riding time frame). 


If everyone participates in this idea by consensus, the result will be that all participants will be free to travel in any direction they need to reach the destination. Some groups may get broken up by red lights. However, we will all be demonstrating that WE ARE TRAFFIC by following all road rules to the LAPD and the rest of the public. 


There may be some old school traditionalist Critical Mass veterans that may be opposed to this idea. However, CM was designed to be improved cooperatively. There are no leaders here, just a mass of riders who are working together to improve the image and effect that CM can have in our city. 


Please pass this cooperative idea along, join in encouraging others at the ride, or contribute to the discussion here and on other forums. 


See you at Los Angeles Critical Mass!"



I'm hoping once I'm a dad I'll finally come to my senses.



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